never doubt i love
Shakespeare gave us Julia's admonition, "They do not love that do not show their love."

This is my contribution to the course of true love.
Some words are from my love letters, some sent and some not.
I hope to post a new piece every few weeks.
the day

What was never said overtly
Our deeds spoke clearly

The sacrifices that you made
While other ones played
Spoke louder than the braggers boast
For life we're engrossed

By six culture had it muted
For men it's unsuited

Your reasons different than mine
Peace was on the line
With parents absent or fighting
Its goal uniting
Yet the word absent of the truth
Enduring as youth

How did you come through so much strife
Instilling love of life
Watching and listening I've learned
Life's lessons you've discerned
Honesty, integrity
Shown with clarity
It's what you do that leads the way
Not what you say

Though I never said it to you
It's always been true
We speak with a handshake goodbye
A look in the eye
It's more important felt than heard
The unspoken word

Tom Suhler
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