never doubt i love
Shakespeare gave us Julia's admonition, "They do not love that do not show their love."

This is my contribution to the course of true love.
Some words are from my love letters, some sent and some not.
I hope to post a new piece every few weeks.
the day
Uninvited Guest

What is this love that walks beside me?
An uninvited guest calling at the most inappropriate time?
Do you not see I am content without you?
Still you come in while I stand guard.

Yes love, you are quite a strange creature.
Some mythical being I've only glimpsed in the past.
Do you really exist?
Love, Passion, Intellect, Wit all formed into one?

No! You can't be.
You must be an aberration.
Something conjured up and projected on an unsuspecting dove.
I shall banish you and rid myself of this delusion.

Ah, but you persist.
Conversing in an unfamiliar language
Thoughts and ideas alien to my being
How could you be born of my mind?

Or might you, love, be a gift from the gods?
If I deny you, do I risk their ire?
Pain and agony to follow or worse?
My heart set adrift in a void for eternity?

Fine then,
Walk beside me.
Be my friend, Be my lover,
My critic, my foe.
You are the heart of my soul.

Tom Suhler
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