never doubt i love
Shakespeare gave us Julia's admonition, "They do not love that do not show their love."

This is my contribution to the course of true love.
Some words are from my love letters, some sent and some not.
I hope to post a new piece every few weeks.
desire love poem tom suhler

It was not the sun that gave me this thirst,
    But the flames of desire you lit late last night.

A palette of flavors so rarely joined,
    Sprung from your lips, your breasts, your alluring mind.

The fragrance of moist skin, firm form, swift wit,
    Flood my senses with savor I can't forget.

Desire draws me to your well once more,
    Trying to quench my thirst, my body in yours.

Yet moments after I leave this embrace,
    My mouth is dry, my thirst returns, I must have more.

Tom Suhler
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