never doubt i love
Shakespeare gave us Julia's admonition, "They do not love that do not show their love."

This is my contribution to the course of true love.
Some words are from my love letters, some sent and some not.
I hope to post a new piece every few weeks.
Eternal Day

        a word, a greeting, a beginning,
            meeting early in the day.

    we talked, we watched, we touched,
        explore each other this way.

the ocean, the glance, the kiss,
    i pulled you into me.

together, two hearts, one passion,
    we felt it meant to be.

    i held, you trembled, we cried out,
        i was inside of you.

        your back, my breast, our afterglow,
            joyous peace fills us two.

    and next, uncertain, if just one day,
            we share this memory
                  for all eternity,.

Tom Suhler
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